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Bankruptcy Law

Are you going through a tough financial time? Do you need options from a lawyer who is going to be honest and fair?

Going through bankruptcy can be a very emotional and stressful time in your life. You need to know what the best route for you and your specific financial situation is. Filing bankruptcy can help you save your car, home, and clear you out of debt you never thought you could get rid of.

Call us at (414) 274-6768, or submit your case anytime using our online form. Don't take this situation lightly. Our patient, understanding staff will assist you in finding an attorney who is good at what they do and is looking out for you. We have qualified attorneys that can do exactly that in the following areas of bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7

  • Chapter 13

  • Chapter 11 (Business)

  • Chapters 7, 13, and 11 for the creditor


The Lawyer Referral Service, a non-profit public service of the Milwaukee Bar Association, takes the guesswork out of finding a qualified, prescreened attorney near you.

Contact the Lawyer Referral Service for an initial half hour consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney for no more than $20. Our service is a FREE service.

The Lawyer Referral Service respects your privacy and treats each call confidentially.