Lawyer Referral & Information Service

For the Public

Our most successful community program is the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). The LRIS is a FREE over the phone referral service for anyone that has a legal question or is seeking to obtain legal counsel.

Client Testimonials


“Thank you very much for this referral. The attorney was excellent to talk to and took more time than I expected in our discussion. He offered me several avenues to take and was courteous and professional. I actually enjoyed talking with him.” –LRIS caller

"The referred attorney was very professional and understood our situation." - LRIS Caller

Our trained interviewers assess the caller’s situation and determine the most appropriate way to proceed.

  •         The caller is then either referred to a LRIS panel attorney, government agency or community resource, depending on the nature of the legal problem.
  •         If the caller is referred to an attorney, the first half-hour of the attorney-client consultation will cost no more than $20.00.
  •         THIS IS A FREE SERVICE. LRIS does not charge caller for information or referrals. However, the attorneys on the panel are all private attorneys that will charge standard fees after the initial half hour consultation. This can include and upfront retainer and hourly rate. All calls are treated confidentially.


The LRIS has been in operation for over 60 years. We take over 40,000 calls annually and refer over 8,000 calls to attorneys and community agencies. We assist people everyday with their legal problems and help point them in the right direction.

Please note:
The attorneys to whom we refer have agreed to offer an initial thirty (30) minute consultation for a fee of no more than twenty ($20) dollars. You are NOT obligated to hire the attorney. If you do retain them, all fees need to be negotiated directly between you and the attorney. Please be aware that we do not give out any lists of attorneys. and the Milwaukee Bar Association are committed to maintaining your privacy. None of your personal information will be given away, sold, or otherwise transferred to any party except in the event that we find an attorney for you. In such an event, we would provide the attorney with your name, address, and telephone number. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please call us at (414) 274-6768.
Disclaimer: The Milwaukee Bar Association’s website is designed to provide general information to the public and is not intended to offer legal advice. Filling out the Referral Information Form does not create an attorney client relationship. If your legal problem is an emergency, you should consult an attorney immediately. Under normal circumstances, we will contact you to arrange a referral within 24 hours.


Podemos recomendar y dirigirles a abogados que hablan español. Sentimos no tener en la oficina ayudantes que hablen español. Para asistencia en español por favor contacte con el Spanish Center, numero de teléfono 414.384.3700. En el Centro le ayudarán a comunicar con nosotros.