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Practice Area


Antitrust litigation

You want help with an antitrust law matter, such as price fixing, collusion, or unlawful monopoly.

Business dissolution

You want help ending a business.

Business formation

You are starting a business and want help structuring your business to meet your goals.

Business litigation or dispute

You want help with a legal dispute or court case involving your business.

Buy-sell agreements

You want help with an agreement between co-owners of a business that sets out what happens when a co-owner leaves the business or passes away.


You want help understanding how your business's legal structure, government rules, or laws affect your business.


You want help negotiating, drafting, understanding, or enforcing a business contract.

Franchise agreements or purchase of franchises

You want help with an agreement involving a license for a business to use the trade name, products, services, and operating practices of another business.

Non-profit formation

You are starting a charity or other kind of nonprofit organization and want to structure it to meet your goals.

Online business law

You have an issue involving your internet or software business.

Partnership agreements

You want help with an agreement among partners in a business.


You want help with a securities law matter, such as issues involving stocks, bonds, and public companies

Trade regulation

You want help with a trade regulation matter, such as unfair competition and deceptive business practices.

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