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Practice Area

Housing & Apartment

Home Construction / Improvement

You have an issue involving the construction or renovation of a home.

Housing Discrimination

You are trying to rent, buy, or secure financing for housing and are being treated unfairly because of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, or presence of children.

Landlord Representation

You are the landlord of a house, apartment, or housing complex and want help asserting your rights (for example: evicting a tenant).

Mortgage Foreclosures (Not Predatory Lending)

You want to defend against a lender taking property you used as collateral on a loan.

Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices

You want to defend your property against a foreclosure involving bad information, disclosure failures, or fraud.

Public and Subsidized Housing

You are denied, terminated, have an overpayment, or underpayment related to public or subsidized housing and you want help.

Tenant Representation

You are renting a house or apartment and want help asserting your rights (for example: defending against an eviction, getting a landord to make needed repairs, getting back your security deposits or being locked out).

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[The attorney] was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. He helped me navigate a tricky situation, and was upfront and honest about not only his services, but possible outcomes. I appreciated his candor and would highly recommend.

... a great attorney! I hired him to help with a bankruptcy case. This was very difficult for me. He made me feel at ease through the whole process!

[attorney name] fit me into his schedule quickly. I am selling my home. I needed a good look at the paperwork. He reviewed everything thoroughly. He asked pertinent questions. He advised and wrote up some changes to the documents, which were later added by the real estate agent. He explained things well. I learned a lot. I would hire him again and would recommend him.