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Practice Area

Consumer & Debt

Business Bankruptcy (Creditor)

You are a creditor and want to collect a debt from a business that declared bankruptcy.

Business Bankruptcy (Debtor)

You are a business and want to declare bankruptcy or help managing the process.

Business mediation

You have a business law matter and want help with the process for resolving the issue outside of court.

Car repair/lemon law

You purchased a car and want to be compensated because the car has quality or performance issues.

Collection Practices & Creditor Harassment

You want to stop a debt collector from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices.

Credit Reports

You want help correcting an inaccuracy or other issue with your credit report.

Debt Collections (Creditor)

You have an issue involving a debt you may be owed -- for example, you are trying to start a collections action, repossess property, or garnish wages.

Debt Collections (Debtor)

You have an issue involving a debt you may owe -- for example, you are defending against a collections action, the repossession of property, or the garnishment of your wages.


You have an issue involving mortgage foreclosurs resulting from various loans, such as sub-prime mortgages or home equity loans.

Identity Theft

You want help with an issue involving someone stealing or misusing your personal information.

Personal Bankruptcy (Creditor)

You are a creditor and want to collect a debt from someone who declared bankruptcy.

Personal Bankruptcy (Debtor)

You want to get rid of the debts you owe by declaring bankruptcy.

Predatory Lending Practices

You want help with an issue involving a loan that has abusive, deceptive, or unfair terms.

Small claims court

You want help with the court process for resolving disputes about an amount of money less than $5,000.

Unfair and Deceptive Sales and Practices

You have an issue involving unfair, deceptive, or misleading business practices.


You have utilities and you want to shut off, restore your utilities or correct debts.

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[The attorney] was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. He helped me navigate a tricky situation, and was upfront and honest about not only his services, but possible outcomes. I appreciated his candor and would highly recommend.

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[attorney name] fit me into his schedule quickly. I am selling my home. I needed a good look at the paperwork. He reviewed everything thoroughly. He asked pertinent questions. He advised and wrote up some changes to the documents, which were later added by the real estate agent. He explained things well. I learned a lot. I would hire him again and would recommend him.