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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge for receiving a lawyer referral through the MBA Lawyer Referral & Information Service. Through this service, the attorney may charge you up to $20 for the first half hour consultation. The attorneys in our service are private attorneys, and will charge standard fees if you hire them. Cost can be discussed with the attorney after the referral is made.

No. The MBA has no attorneys on staff, and we cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice. We can, however, direct you to resources or a private attorney in the area who may be able to assist.you.

  • Before hiring an attorney, make sure you fully understand what they are going to do for you and why you need their support.
  • Create a timeline for your situation with your attorney. Clear communication regarding how quickly your case may move can be critical to a positive experience.
  • Keep your lawyer informed of materials received and changes in your situation on a consistent schedule.
  • Respond promptly to your attorney’s requests.
  • Take notes when speaking to your attorney.
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